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What is ICON?

There are many benefits of using ICON. Dentist can stop the progression of an early cavity before it needs to be treated using a needle or drill. This breakthrough treatment fills and seals the tiny holes and stabilizes the tooth, offering many unique advantages:

  • The treatment does not require drilling the tooth or shots of anesthesia
  • Healthy tooth structure is preserved
  • The treated surface of the tooth looks like healthy enamel – no more white spot

What else can ICON Do?

Get Rid of Ugly White Spots

ICON is a minimally invasive restorative treatment for post-ortho white-spot lesions (WSLs) and certain congenital hypocalcified enamel lesions (“hypo” spots).The affected tooth will be gently and painlessly prepared with a gel. The dentist will then fill the affected area with icon. White spots treated with icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel, restoring the natural look of the tooth.

  • No Drilling or Shots
  • Only one visit is necessary